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Service Design, UX Design

Policiclo is a service of bicycle repair, ran by University students for everyone at Politecnico di Milano. The service needed some redesign to reach more people and to be sustainable. We as a team under took a process to learn the service better to create an impactful service re-design. We came up with three proposals for policiclo, which were received well and are under going incorporation.

How does it work?


Various types of research was carried out to understand the service better. Research was planned and executed. The social media presence of the service, the facility itself and the users were studied from interviews and observations as well as by me as a user. 


By understanding the characteristics of the service we found four core values associated to Policiclo. Values help to proceed further with the re-design as they set the tone right.

Insights to opportunities

The research was then put on the table with values and clustered to get more clear picture. The interpretations were turned into key insights which was foundation for designing the solutions.


After understanding the insights and the research, ideation phase started. In this, we tried to resolve the issues which came up from the research phase with the help of key insights. Three ideas were put on the display for re-design of Policiclo for a better impact. 

1. Ciclontest

Ciclontest was a proposal for communication. To engage more students with the service, considering the location of the facility near Design school. Ciclontest is a competition to design posters for Policiclo, which has phases to discover the facility and to get benefits. This strategy was used for communicating the service with minimal resourced spent by the non-profit Policiclo. 

Policiclo is open only on couple of fixed days in a week which causes limitation. Most of the people access the service for minor fix with the tools available. To solve this issue a Tool Kit dedicated for small fixes available all the time outside Policiclo was designed as a service upgrade to serve more people. 

2. Toolfix

3. Ciclofix

The service is run by students which means as years pass new volunteers are always required. By understanding the cycle of students, activities were planned through out to motivate people to be a part of Policiclo. Ciclofix is kind of a workshop to join the force, initially for self awareness and later for joining as a volunteer. The cycle represents the events and activities which are designed to encourage people to join in.

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