Shows, Concept videos, Coverage, Podcast

I have made over 200 videos in last 3 years. From my own Youtube to innovation videos for brands and much more in between!

I have made videos for these guys

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I recently created a 6 episode design talk show for Milan design week 2020 called "Trip of design". Watch here!

The fun Indian guy YouTube

Since last 2 years I am making videos on Youtube ranging from lifestyle vlogs, design-innovation, music to a podcast.


The fun Indian guy podcasts covers very interesting topics  just like the dynamic nature of the channel. What turns on someone to do anything is kind of core of the podcast.

Bhadipa Collaboration

YouTube collaboration with an Indian well known channel Bhartiya Digital Party. 

Product Shoot

A vertical (ideal for mobile phone viewing) shoot of a typewriter. 

Jazz festival experience Coverage

Complete experience documentation for Fano Jazz Festival, Italy

Design Event Coverage

Video blogging at Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2019, Berlin.

Startup Pitch Video

Online pitch video for a food startup.