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Luxottica Hackathon'17 (Finalist)

Service Design, UX Design

A 24 hours challenge to improve the in-store retail experience by using digital technologies. We were in top 8 among over 50 teams. We went for kids as future users. We tried to develop an experience for kids inside the store when their parents are busy shopping for themselves. Having friction less experience for parents was also one of the driving factor. The same technology could be used for friendly eye checkups for kids too. 

Team Members: Opheli, Beatrice, Virginia, Anastassia, Suyog

Key insights from the research

#1 Children get bored during the shopping at the store

#2 Eye check-up is not kids friendly

Insights to opportunities

#1 How might we use digital technology to make the shopping

experience as exciting as playing for children?

#2 How might we use digital technology to make the

eye check-up more friendly for children?

Current situation

Through insights we studied the current customer journey of a parent along with a kid in the shop. This helped us finding right spots to be worked on.

Current customer journey

Our proposal

"Children are potential users of tomorrow"

We picked this path and conceptualised "Little Luxotticans" an experience designed for kids visiting Luxottica outlets. Various values were defined to design with a right tone. Ultimate goal was to leave kids with memories which will work as an investment on potential future users.


New customer journey

The same space/technology can be used for more interactive and fun eye checkup


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