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Porsche Consulting

(Internship and Master Thesis) 

Service Design, UX Design

*Because of the confidentiality, only nature of tasks is mentioned and some images are blurred.


New Mobility

At Porsche consulting I was responsible for Service design and Ux design at New Mobility department for clients like Volkswagen Group.


Concept Videos (Hybrid of Service design and film-making)

Making future concept videos for new mobility projects is one of the major tasks I have carried out. 
I am also developing my master thesis at Porsche Consulting about "hybrid of service design and film-making processes for innovation".

Some key processes are shown below.

Concept Ideation

concept video-05.png

Rough-cut prototypes

concept video-03.png

Storyboards and mapping

concept video-02-02.png

Final video

concept video-04.png

App ideations and prototyping

UI-UX design for the mobility services app from ideation, wireframing, mockups to prototypes. 

pcon web-26.png

Co-design Workshops

Prepared, supported and documented various workshops and sprints. Also, gathered experience to work with a hi-tech service design lab.


Branding and marketing

Being the only designer in the team, I was also responsible for the branding as well as marketing- content design for various projects.

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