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Tim Hackathon'17 (Winner)

Service Design, UX Design

A hackathon for 30 hours to work on retail sector using resources of Tim (Api, customer data etc.) and partners to develope innovative solution. We were a team of 4 designer competing teams consisting with diverse teams of developers, designers and finance people. We developed a B2B solution for retail stores (ex. nike, Zara etc) to know their customer better in real time.

Team Members: Paula, Beatrice, Parth, Suyog 


1 out of 3 Use Tim (over 30M in Italy) + Smart Data

= Channelising the network to offer best shopping experience



Our solution has an app for stores to know there customers better the moment they enter the store. In order to deliver a better personalised and convincing experience to the customers.
Also, a feature for TIM customers to come on board with smart shopping.  

App for the store

Customer on boarding

Key insights

Our solution was based on the research we carried out which lead to following insights. It helped us shape the solution well.


We used technology available at TIM and partners to reach the solution. We used multiple APIs which you can see below.


The solution was well designed to benefit TIM, Businesses (Stores) and customers by serving the purpose for each.


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