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"How do you imagine the future of the traditional shops?"

Design Thinking

Envisioning the future of the traditional shops

Product Design

A solar charging backpack design for a hypercitizen

Product Design

Product Design

An AIY furniture solution for millennials

Product Design

Building vision

Mind map
It was about putting all ideas/words coming in mind on table without any filter. Basically, go crazy.

The ideas from mind map were clustered on the basis of Facts, Adjectives or Opportunities in order to give meaning to the craziness.

How might we
FAO’s were then used, to create “How might we…” questions to start shaping the vision. The strongest two were shortlisted for the further process.

Beared Protectors

Design Thinking

This project was about creating possible scenarios following “design thinking”. The project is more about the journey. The task was to build scenarios for the future of traditional shops. It was carried in a team consisting of people from various countries and backgrounds, bringing their own perspective on the table. You can see the process of getting ahead step by step. Personally, I always believe in the process to get better results.
The name of the project was spontaneously kept from one of the case studies of the traditional shops. We thought it was funny!

Starting the vision

Looking beyond
This was the first converging stage. From the keywords related to How might we questions to the right possibilities of visions, looking beyond. Four visions were created without forgetting to be crazy but reasonably.

Positioning map

Case studies
The hunt of the case studies related to our visions began. We went from desk to field to get better ones.

The map with extremes were created for the case studies. Then the quarters of the maps were named in order to understand their characteristics better.


The research was made deeper adding case studies for diverse understanding. From the research and all the aspects we touched in the process, we developed four different scenarios which were different from each other and definitely exciting.

The newspaper

The project was all about the process but to give better understanding about the visions, scenarios etc. we published a newspaper. This newspaper contains articles about all the main elements of the project.  

The newspaper

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