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Product Design

StacKit is a furniture solution primarily inspired from stack tower toy. It is an AIY (Arrange it yourself) kit hence the name is StacKit, merging both the key aspects. The solution is designed for young, playful people who have diverse and changing needs when it comes to shelves. The solution fits well for compact houses. The project was carried out individually. 


StacKit is a solution designed keeping millennials in mind. By studying their behaviours and needs. Target helped to understand the needs so as to meet them while designing StacKit. 


The key inspiration was the stack tower toy but apart from that balancing stones gave inspiration to have an offset to depict life of millennials, always balancing. Balancing was also depicted by the Indian sport of Mal Khamb which revolves around a rod. Bamboo was the inspiration for the lightness and strength. The Lego was the symbol of playfulness and the inner child. All these aspects inspired the design of StacKit.


After playing with the research and inspirations on the sketchbook, StacKit was rendered. Meeting the needs while keeping the inspirational motivation maximum was the purpose of the conceptualisation.


Arrange It Yourself is one of the important aspect of StacKit. It gives possibility to the user to have the desired setting. The shape also allows not only flat wall solution but also the corners. The rearrangements are as easy as child's play. 


StacKit has to be light and easy to carry, that means flat pack-able. Sustainability was not an option but a must. Hence material options were chosen to be sustainable at the same time being light but strong.

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