You are in an influence bubble, better not take decisions in it!!!

We are consuming so much stuff in so little time. Thanks to the lock downs, we are doing it more than ever before. It is amazing to gain so much knowledge but there are also some drawbacks of it. The most clear one is that you spend more time consuming than creating. In that case there is no conversion or clear impact. Yes, the knowledge will stay with you (not sure how much of it, still) but is there a use of such untapped knowledge? Well, there are many people suggesting that you should make more than you consume; I do agree with it and honestly I do fall in the consumption hole myself many times too. But I am here to share another aspect with you, a more practical one. Let’s talk about “INFLUENCE BUBBLE”.

I recently made a video about it too, which you can see here!

The platforms like YouTube are designed to keep us watching similar kinds of stuff once we get pulled into the rabbit hole. Other platforms also have similar strategies. Result of which, we keep consuming content of similar topics, thoughts, ideologies, etc. This leads to formation of an invisible bubble around us. The aura of this influence bubble is so strong that we build solid ideologies based on that. There is absolutely no harm in that, until you make important decisions or take actions based on that ideology, while being inside the bubble.

What happens if you do take decisions?

The decisions or the actions will completely make sense as far as you are still in the bubble. Once you are out of it (usually after a couple of days, or once you stop consuming similar stuff) the action might not make sense as much as it did before. What happens is that the bubble supports your actions as they are in fact the result of the influence bubble. But when you are out, you regain the worldview which you have gathered for much longer. Some insights from the influence will still stick but some might not. Hence, it’s a good idea to draft things in the bubble (not to deny, there are amazing ideas usually born inside) but act on it outside.

In my personal example, the videos which I created inside the influence bubble had a higher cringe index than the ones I created outside, which rather last for longer and are more relevant. I am sure even you can relate to it! Remember the decisions you took with complete enthusiasm, which you later thought were cheesy! Probably the work of the influence bubble not you :p Let’s be careful while taking such actions. It’s just a matter of understanding whether you are inside or outside. Thank you for reading! Cheers! About the author

Suyog aka The fun Indian guy is a Service designer, musician, filmmaker and a podcaster.

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