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Product Design

More is an awesome backpack designed after researching and testing mobility of hypercitizens in urban area by our team Ekayan. The hypercitizens have one primary need, to be connected constantly and for that they need lot of juice for their devices. More is a solution for most of their daily mobile needs. The backpack has awesome new technology of solar charging printed panels which also work with artificial lights, thanks to our tech partner Ribes tech. This amazing backpack also happens to be theft proof and loaded with lot of organizational features.


Apart from the charging facility, the backpack is loaded with tremendous features. The amazing features let hypercitizens glide smoothly in the urban jungle keeping them charged up and protected.


Hypercitizen is the one who is very mobile and needs to be charged up, be it the devices or him/her self. More juices them up along with hassle free organization and keep them secured all the time.

The energy

The constant charging is achieved from the printed panels which can also charge under artificial light. We studied the routines of hypercitizens and found the technology by Ribes tech a perfect fit for the needs.  

Much More

Beyond the product design itself, we at Ekayan have developed the plan for production, costs, the launch and also the social media campaign understanding the targets. A deep study about bench marking the similar products has been carried out for helping us strengthen More. The booklet will give you information about the same. 

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